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  • A member may “freeze” their membership account two-times per year for up to 60 days. Notice of account suspension must be given in writing to [email protected] 30 days prior to the date of “freeze” date.

  • We require a 30-day written notice for the cancellation of your membership. Please send your written request to [email protected].
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Member Agreement: By signing this agreement member understands they represent TVAC and that he/she is physically and mentally
fit to participate in leagues and programs provided by TVAC.

Unavailability: If the TVAC facility is unavailable for use due to damage or loss by fire, accident or act of God or any other cause outside of TVAC’s control, the members program will be extended for a period of time to equal the time of loss of availability, but no refund will be given.

Liability of Waiver: Members agree to strict observation of safety rules and training. Member agrees to sign in and sign an electronic waiver each time they visit the establishment. Member agrees to wear appropriate attire for Axe Throwing, which includes closed toe shoes. Member will not be allowed to throw if attire is inappropriate for throwing.

Availability: Scheduling and time slots for open throwing may change from time to time upon notice from TVAC. TVAC agrees to provide supervision during open throwing times, league times and regular open hours.

Holidays: Members understand that TVAC may not be open on national holidays or other times as directed by TVAC at its discretion.

Compliance of Laws and Regulations: All rights, performance and obligations of TVAC and the member under this agreement are subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, statutes, rules and regulations. When in conflict with this agreement, the contents of such laws, statutes, rules and regulations shall be deemed to expressly modify this Agreement and shall be reworded to incorporate such text as may be necessary in order to make the agreement in compliance therewith. TVAC and member agree to continue to be bound under the modified agreement including such text and further agree to no other modifications shall be deemed made to the agreement.

Acceptance of Member: Upon acceptance of the member, member agrees to comply with all additional terms and conditions, and rules of TVAC. TVAC reserves the right to immediately suspend or ruminate member from participation in any program or enjoyment of rights under this agreement for failure to comply with this agreement or any such terms, conditions and/or rules. Such termination shall not entitle member to a refund or credit for any payments, fees and charges already paid or cancel any unpaid balance.

Non-Use: The failure or inability to use the facilities at TVAC for any reason will neither relieve nor suspend the member’s obligation to timely making all payments required by this agreement, nor entitled member to refund or credit of any kind.

No Refunds: TVAC will not refund fees for any reason.

Use of Image/Publicity:

Default: Any failure by member to timely pay an amount owed under this agreement shall constitute a default hereunder. If member so defaults, TVAC reserves the right to immediately cancel this agreement and refuse member access to the facility and any services. Member also agrees to pay all collection and attorney fees resulting in the collection of money owed on this agreement. Member understands if he/she has an unpaid balance and does not make satisfactory payment arrangements, members account may be placed with an external collection agency. Member will be responsible for reimbursement of any fees incurred from the collection agency, acknowledges that delinquent accounts may be reported to credit reporting agencies.

Collections: In order for TVAC or the external collection agency to service the member’s account, and when not prohibited by law, member agrees TVAC and the designated external collection agency are authorized to 1) Contact member by telephone numbers provided regardless of any charges that could result. 2) Contact member by sending text messages (data rates may apply) or emails using the provided email address, and 3) uses method of contact that may include using prerecorded as applicable.

General Terms: If any provisions of this agreement is invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not affect any other term or provision of the Agreement. This Agreement is binding to the members and TVAC.